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Extended Tax Credits Make This An Even Better Year To Upgrade Your Air Conditioning

For those of you who think it would be too expensive to upgrade your heating and cooling equipment, you may want to think again. The government has extended, through 2011, the tax credits on energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. These efficient systems will not only save you a ton of money on the cost of your monthly utility bills, but will also increase the comfort levels in your home.

To check and see if an air conditioning system is eligible for the credit, make sure you contact a contractor and ask to be provided with the Manufacturer’s Certification Statement of the system/model you desire. This statement tells you whether the purchase is eligible for the tax credit. Before you purchase, be sure you check to see the latest requirements from Energy Star, as they are constantly changing as newer and more efficient air conditioning models come out.

Currently, the Energy Star program rewards homeowners who install a split system air conditioner with a SEER of over 16. For those who install a package system air conditioner, the SEER must be 14 or higher to be eligible for the credit. The government states that air conditioning models that are eligible are 14 percent more efficient than standard air conditioning units. Additionally, by installing one of these systems in your home, it is very possible that you could lower the energy used in your home by as much as 40 percent. So, not only can you save money on the installation, but you can significantly reduce the amount of energy you you use.

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