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Zoning Systems Boost Efficiency And Comfort

Is your heating and air conditioning system trying to heat and cool the entire home when most of your time is spent in only a couple rooms?  If this sounds familiar, you are probably using the thermostat to try to fix hot and cold spots throughout the rest of the home. Constantly adjusting the thermostat wastes energy and money while making the rest of the home either too hot or too cold.

Zoning systems were designed as a solution to providing efficiency without compromising comfort.  You can think of zone control as having an independent air conditioner and heater in each area of the home. These areas are known as zones.  Stepping-out of a shower into cold or spending time in a hot kitchen is uncomfortable.  Zoning systems allow you to control the temperatures for each of these rooms individually.

Zone control is accomplished by adding thermostats to predefined zones of the home.  Adding dampers to ductwork controls the flow of air into zones. A small home may have two zones where a larger home may have four. One control panel will send and receive signals from multiple thermostats in the zones and thereby control the airflow to those zones.  When zone 1 needs more cooling, it will control the damper to that zone and allow more cool air to flow into it. When the temperature for zone 1 is achieved, the damper to that zone closes.

Zoning systems are not a new concept.  Many newly-built homes include zone control.  Existing homeowners are not left out of the savings and comfort of zone control.  Older homes are ideal candidates for zone control by adding thermostats and dampers.

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