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Annual Service Counts For A Lot; Why You Should Have It Done Twice A Year

If you want your home comfort system to run when you need it and to operate at peak efficiency, you should have annual service performed to head off problems before they arise. That’s particularly important in areas like Yuma, where summer highs average over 100° F and the last thing you need is an air conditioning system failure in that sweltering heat.

Annual service should be performed twice each year — early spring for the cooling system and early fall for heating — because:

  • You will have you system running at its best before peak demand hits
  • You’ll avoid an expensive breakdown when it would be most uncomfortable
  • Service technicians are not as busy during those times, so they can schedule their visits on shorter notice and handle any repairs quickly

Not only does annual service help protect you against system failure, it can save you money and prolong the life of your equipment. Inefficient operation can increase energy usage substantially as well as cause wear on your system that can lead to early replacement. Service technicians will tell you that the majority of the repairs they perform could have been avoided with regular maintenance. An improperly operating heating system can also be a safety hazard in cases of incomplete fuel combustion or inadequate venting.

Your home comfort system consists of precision electrical and mechanical equipment that should be serviced by a skilled professional who is armed with the proper instruments, tools and training to do the job right.

When choosing a service contractor, be sure the technician will perform comprehensive preventive maintenance. Insist on a checklist of what will be inspected and a report on the results of each point. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends these inspection points for air conditioning and these for heating. It is also a good idea to select a contractor who stocks commonly needed parts to guard against delays of several days while awaiting replacements to arrive.

For additional information on preventive maintenance or to schedule your annual service call, the experts at Hansberger Refrigeration & Electric Company are always eager to help. Count on us.

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