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Looking For Better Efficiency From Your Air Conditioning System? Call Hansberger to Size Your System

When it comes to sizing your air conditioning system, bigger isn’t always better.  For instance, if you assume that you need to buy an A/C that’s as big as your old one, you may be making a mistake. For the most part, homes these days are much tighter than they used to be, with better insulation and sealing. Meanwhile, air conditioners typically are much more efficient. So generally a homeowner can buy a smaller model and still get getter efficiency and comfort out of it than the 10-year-old model that’s being replaced. Here are some other points to consider.

If you choose an air conditioning unit that’s too big, it likely will:

  • Be more expensive to purchase and install
  • Operate inefficiently, costing you more money to run the machine
  • Break down more often
  • Cost more to repair
  • Fail to dehumidify the air because the unit will cycle on and off too often, not staying on long enough to remove moisture from the air
  • Lead to a clammy feeling and mold growth

Some installers look at the current unit you have and install an upgraded replacement of the same size.  If you already have an overlarge unit, this is not in your best interest.  On the other hand, if you overcompensate and go too small, you may wind up with a unit that’s not powerful enough to move conditioned air throughout your home. Each of the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Climate
  • Orientation, design, and size of the home
  • Level of the home’s insulation
  • Window areas and type
  • Rates of air infiltration
  • Number of occupants
  • Comfort preferences of the occupants
  • Home appliance types and efficiency

As a homeowner, you should make sure that your new air conditioning system is sized properly before you sign anything.  The professionals at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric are well aware of A/C unit sizing requirements.  Contact us and we’ll help make sure you get the perfect unit installed in your home before the hottest part of Yuma’s summer kicks in.

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