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Getting Ready For One Last Summer Vacation? Program Your Thermostat Before You Leave, And Spend Your Energy Savings On That Trip

Most homeowners don’t give their thermostats much thought, even though it’s part of the home that gets used on a daily basis. Upgrading to a programmable unit and learning the settings before leaving for vacation could provide you with a great deal of energy savings. That money could be spent elsewhere, including on your trip.

With a programmable thermostat, you can program it to switch to different temperatures at different parts of the day. This can be an energy-efficient, money-saving feature whether you’re on vacation or not. The idea is that when you’re not at home, or sleeping, you don’t have the same temperature requirements as when you’re at home and active.

When you’re going to be leaving the home for an extended period of time for a trip, it can be difficult to determine what temperature the home should be left at. Setting a few different temperature changes throughout the day and night can keep the HVAC system from running too frequently, which can cost a lot of money. Shortly before you expect to return from vacation,  you can have the temperature switch back over to what you prefer, and you’ll be greeted comfortable indoor air after that tedious day of flying and driving.

You can also find programmable models that you can control remotely, so if your plans change, you can re-set the program.

If you are interested in obtaining a programmable thermostat, contact Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company for more information on what model would work best in your home. When you embark on your next vacation, you won’t have to worry about the money you’re wasting back at home.

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