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With A Zoning System, You Can Declare A Truce In Your Family’s Battle Of The Thermostat

Many families experience what is known as the “battle of the thermostat.”  It occurs when you are unable to reach an agreement on where to set temperature on the house thermostat.  It is only natural that such a dispute would arise because different people have different ideas of comfort.  Zoning systems provide a solution that will end this battle with a peaceful resolution.

While traditional air systems use just a single thermostat to determine the temperature for the entire house, zoning systems use multiple thermostats.  Each one independently controls the temperature of a different area, or zone, of the house.  This allows someone in one part of the house to change the temperature where they are without bothering someone in another part of the house.

Zoning systems not only allow for everyone to feel more comfortable, they also help you save money by reducing your energy usage.  Zones that are frequently unoccupied can be programmed to an energy-efficient setting so you aren’t paying to cool (or heat) empty rooms.  Since you are not conditioning the air for the entire house all at once, you don’t push your HVAC system as much and you conserve energy.

An HVAC specialist will need to inspect your home to help you arrive at a zoning strategy that will help you most efficiently take advantage of the benefits of zoning.  They will take into account which rooms are used most frequently, architectural features that may affect your home’s circulation, and other factors.  Once settled upon and designed for your unique needs, the installation process is fairly simple.  It requires no more than a control panel, dampers, thermostats and possibly some minor ductwork.

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