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Can Your HVAC Contractor Handle The Installation And Fabrication Requirements Of Your New System?

You are putting out a great deal of money for that brand new air conditioning system, and if it’s not installed correctly, it will never work the way that it’s supposed to. The new high-efficiency air conditioners rely on proper air flow to be effective, and poor fabrication of the ductwork can have disastrous results.

Getting the installation right the first time is especially critical in southern Arizona where the air conditioner is in use almost year round. If the system is not installed properly, then you will never achieve the energy savings promised with the new equipment. These units can cut electric bills in half when you replace a model that is more than 10 years old, but often those savings can only be achieved with alterations to your duct work.

The number one change that skilled contractors often will recommend is the addition of more air return ducts. As we said earlier, air flow is critical to operating high-efficiency air conditioners, so a few more returns may be necessary to pull air into the system. It’s also important to make sure that the air filter in these new systems are changed regularly and are not allowed to become clogged.

If you have never had central air in your home, it’s even more important to find a skilled contractor to do your fabrication work. Building a duct system in an existing home can be quite a challenge, and you should seek out someone with experience in retrofitting an older home. Even if you already have ductwork for heating your home, additions are going to be necessary because air conditioning requires a greater volume of air to be circulated.

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