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Insulating Your Arizona Home: Do You Know The Magic Number?

Insulating your home today will give you savings on your energy bills for years to come. Add the fact that it will also make your home more comfortable, and you can’t go wrong. Even if you already have some insulation, unless you have recently built your southern Arizona home to the most energy-efficient standards, you can still benefit from adding more, in order to decrease the costs of cooling and heating.

Insulation levels are determined by their R-value. The R-value is a specific measurement based on how the insulating material prevents heat from passing straight through it. The higher the R-value, the less heat it will allow to escape (or more to the point in the Yuma area, to enter the home). Which rating you will choose depends on where you live. The southern Arizona climate is hot and dry with little rainfall, and falls into Zone 2 for insulation purposes.

The numbers for Zone 2 are: Uninsulated attic, R-30 to R-60, or with existing 3-4 inch insulating material, R-25 to R-38. The floor should be R-13 to R-19. Be forewarned, though; these numbers are for wood-frame buildings, and other types of construction are more common in southern Arizona. Contact a professional for more specific advice about insulating your home.

When you’re thinking of insulation, don’t focus solely on your attic. Other areas that can use insulation (if you have these features in your Yuma area home) include basements, crawlspaces and ductwork, as well as exterior walls, which everyone (hopefully) has.

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