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Putting Together Your Strategic Energy-Savings Plan

Homes consume energy for the comfort of those living inside.  This is apparent when you realize that nearly half of your home’s energy consumption is used for heating and cooling.  You can find out where your home is losing energy by having a home energy audit completed.  This is the first step of putting together a strategic energy savings plan for your family.

Once you know where energy is being lost in your home, you can ask yourself a few important questions to begin the process of saving energy.  Some of these questions include:

  • How low do you want your energy bills to be?
  • Where are you losing the most energy?
  • How many years do you plan to live in your current home?
  • What is your budget for making home improvements?
  • How long will it take for an investment in greater insulation or efficiency to pay for itself in energy savings?
  • Do the improvements you’re considering offer more benefits than just smaller energy bills, such as increased comfort?
  • Can you make any improvements yourself, or do you need the help of a professional?

Assign priority to your desire for energy savings in relation to the cost of making improvements.  By doing this, you can put together a strategic efficiency plan for your whole house to maximize efficiency and save as much money as possible.

Along with asking yourself these questions, you should also consult the expertise of a professional.  After all, you can’t expect to see exactly where your home is losing the most energy with the naked eye.  You’ll want tests done on your home to see where improvements will be the most cost effective.

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