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Keeping Your Heat Pump In Tip-Top Shape: What Your Contractor Should Do And What You Can Do Yourself

The heat pump in your home is basically an all-in-one heating and cooling system. In the hot Arizona summer, the heat pump helps cool your home, while in the winter it helps with the heating process. Since this component of your HVAC system is so important for maintaining your home’s comfort, keeping your heat pump in tip-top shape is a priority. Some of the maintenance should be performed by a qualified contractor, though some tasks can be completed on an occasional basis by the homeowner. A heat pump that is not maintained regularly can increase energy consumption by 10 to 25 percent.

Homeowners should change the filter in their furnace at least every two to three months and more often during high-use seasons. Letting dirt and dust accumulate in the filter and on the components can decrease its efficiency and over tiKeeping Your Heat Pump In Tip-Top Shape: What Your Contractor Should Do And What You Can Do Yourselfme lead to costly repairs.

During routine yard work, make sure that the outside air conditioning unit is free of debris or vegetation that might be overgrowing and blocking the unit. You can also switch off power to the unit and clean the fan blades if they look dirty.

A qualified contractor should be hired to check for dirt and other particles in and around the filter, blower motor and heat coils. All of these items should be cleaned and lubricated properly to maintain your heat pump. The ducts should also be checked for any leaks that are allowing air to escape and reducing efficiency. The overall airflow should be measured to confirm that the unit is running properly.

The levels of refrigerant as part of your heat pump should be checked by a professional, who should also find and repair any leaks. Refrigerant can be toxic if not handled properly.

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