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Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Lower Your Utility Bills — And They Won’t Cost You A Dime

Paying your utility bills doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Make it a more pleasant experience by doing just a couple of things differently in order to save energy and save money on your utility costs.

Turn Off When Not In Use

We have so many different appliances and electronics in our homes these days. When you’re not using them, make sure you take the time to turn them off.

  • If you have an extra refrigerator in the garage that’s keeping only a couple of sodas and eggs cold, consider turning it off to save 10 to 25 percent off your electric bill.
  • Turn off your computers at nighttime. Leaving them in sleep mode still uses up electricity.
  • Whenever you leave a room, turn off the lights and ceiling fans.
  • Don’t forget to turn kitchen and bath ventilating fans off once you’re done.
  • Chargers left in outlets will continue to use small amounts of electricity. Always unplug them after use.
  • When you have several electronic devices in one place, such as your printer and your scanner in your office, plug them all in a power strip. That way, you can simply turn off the power strip at night instead of unplugging every single device.

Use Less Hot Water

It requires energy to heat water, so you can easily lower your energy costs by reducing the amount of hot water you use everyday.

  • Encourage your family to take shorter showers.
  • Use the cold water setting on your clothes washer as much as possible.
  • Run the dishwasher only when you have a full load.
  • You can reduce the hot water temperature on your water heater for more energy savings. 120 degrees is recommended, but check your dishwasher’s owner manual first. Some dishwashers require a higher setting for the water heater.

Seal Up Your Home

Leaks in your home can increase your energy costs. Seal leaks to keep all of the conditioned air inside your home.

  • Check your windows and doors for leaks. Caulk all leaks that you can see.
  • Always keep your fireplace shut when you’re not using it.

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