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Ten Steps You Should Start Taking Now To Clean Up The Air In Your Home

Studies have shown that the air inside the average home is often even more polluted than the air outdoors. Allergens, mold, dust, humidity, chemical fumes and other pollutants that find their way indoors can aggravate allergies and make your living space far less comfortable and inviting.

Fortunately, by using the following simple tips you can reduce these airborne contaminants so that you and your lTen Steps You Should Start Taking Now To Clean Up The Air In Your Homeoved ones can breathe easy again:

  1. Remove your coat and shoes at the door to avoid tracking in dust and pollen.
  2. Place houseplants liberally throughout your home since they have been shown to be highly effective at removing airborne contaminants.
  3. Whenever possible, keep windows and doors closed to prevent allergens and pollutants from drifting in.
  4. Use your air conditioner as far into the fall season as possible to reduce humidity and filter out pollutants.
  5. Regularly clean or replace the filters on your heating and cooling equipment.
  6. Vacuum the carpets and other soft surfaces in your home at least once a week using a high quality vacuum with a HEPA filter. Don’t forget to vacuum your upholstery and draperies as well.
  7. Avoid smoking indoors.
  8. Install fans in all of your bathrooms and above cooking surfaces to vent moisture outdoors. This helps reduce the chance of mold and rot from excess humidity.
  9. Fix leaky ductwork to prevent contaminants from getting into your ducts where they can then be spread throughout your home.
  10. Store household chemicals far away from your living area to prevent fumes from entering the space.

Along with the above tips, you should also consider installing a whole-house air purification system. These systems can usually be installed directly into the existing ductwork for your heating and cooling system, and are a highly effective way of reducing indoor pollution..

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