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How To Set Your Programmable Thermostat For Optimal Savings

Installing a programmable thermostat in your home can help increase your comfort and energy savings this winter, even in Southern Arizona where winter’s on the mild side. And it’s a simple, low-cost step that will get a big return.

Installation is as simple as selecting the proper thermostat for your unit, removing your old thermostat, reconnecting the wires, and attaching the new unit to the wall. The next step involves programming the unit.

In order to get optimal savings from this investment, you’ll want to program the thermostat to fire up the furnace when you’re home and shut off when you’re out, so you’ll need to evaluate your family’s activities and develop a schedule.How To Set Your Programmable Thermostat For Optimal Savings

Most homeowners wake up around 6 or 7 a.m., and leave the home an hour or two later, so you’ll want to establish this time period as the first setting. An energy-saving temperature of 68 degrees is ideal. To program the system to shut off during the day, schedule a setback of at least eight hours, setting the temperature around 8 degrees lower, to 60 degrees. Establish the next setting to call the furnace back on when you get home, somewhere around 5 pm., with another setback scheduled for the time you’re asleep.

These settings should be used as a guide to maximize energy savings and comfort.

While you and your family’s schedule might differ from the above scenario, it helps to keep the following guidelines in mind when setting your unique schedule:

  • To get energy-saving results, setbacks need to be at around six to eight hours; any shorter, and you’ll offset the energy savings because the system must cycle on and off more.
  • While most units will have a feature that allows you to “override” the thermostat’s settings, so you don’t have to re-program the unit, do this sparingly, as the system will use more energy, and your energy bills will increase. Reserve overrides for longer absences only, like a vacation or weekend away.

Maximize your home’s comfort and increase energy savings by installing a programmable thermostat this year – and enjoy its benefits in winter and summer. Need help? Contact Hansberger Refrigeration & Electricfor a consultation today!

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