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Key Areas In Your Home Where It Pays To Add Insulation

Adding insulation to your home can help you save money on your energy costs and improve the comfort level of your home. Protection in the form of spray foam or fiberglass are most common. It is meant to protect the living space of your home from moisture as well as the extreme temperatures you find during certain times of the year in the Yuma, Ariz. area. There are several areas where you should consider adding insulation.

Cathedral ceilings look wonderful in a home, but they also make a room much larger. If you are trying to heat your home, warm air will rise to the top and potentially diffuse to the outdoors where you don’t want it to go. Air becomes replaced throKey Areas In Your Home Where It Pays To Add Insulationugh the basement, and this can offset your desired temperature setting in your home.

Attics are typically a large, unused portion of the home. It’s important to insulate the floor of the attic or ceiling of the upper level of your home as well as the entry door to the attic. This prevents loss of conditioned air and money.

Exterior walls should always be insulated when a home is constructed, but sometimes the home ends up needing an insulation boost. You may notice walls become cold or hot to the touch.

Adding spray foam or fiberglass protection to your garage ceiling can not only improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling equipment inside your home, but it can also protect the rest of your house from dangerous carbon monoxide.

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