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The Telltale Signs That Your HVAC System May Not Last That Much Longer

Wondering what signals to look for that will confirm that your HVAC system has a few more seasons left in its lifetime – or needs replaced ASAP? Two tell-tale signs to watch for include dollars and comfort.

Dissatisfaction with comfort or utility bills is often a clear sounding alarm: It could be time to upgrade your HVAC system. As a system ages, and particularly if it’s not maintained, it will eventually wear down. That’s because buildup begins to form on the internal components, which causes friction. Once this happens, parts begin to erode, and system failure is only a matter of time. This process is hastened by a lack of maintenance, which is designed to keep debris and dust out of the system and to stay a step ahead of necessary part replacements – before they lead to bigger problems.

So how does this affect your comfort and energy savings? When buildup is allowed to form, that friction leads to increased energy output, which means your HVAC system’s ability to produce the proper amount of heated or cooled air becomes compromised. This also begins to affect your energy savings. Because friction leads to increased energy consumption, you’ll see that increase on your utility bills.

If you see a noticeable difference in your home’s comfort or energy use, it’s probably time to consider upgrading your system. At this point, most homeowners want to know if and when a system is worth repairing. A good guideline to follow is the 50 percent rule. First, have your existing system’s value assessed. If it’s possible to repair a component, go forward with the repair if the cost of doing so is well below 50 percent of the value of the system. Otherwise, you’re basically putting money into a sinking ship, and that’s money you could invest into a new system that will increase your home comfort and energy savings.

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