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Cooler Weather’s Just Ahead — Arrange For Your Furnace Service Check

Want to know the best way to ensure that your furnace system works consistently and efficiently through Yuma’s short winter – and it doesn’t require that you invest in a top-of-the-line furnace system either? Just have regular furnace service performed. Before the cooler weather rolls in and requires you to use your furnace on a regular basis, schedule a furnace service check.

When you call an HVAC contractor to service your furnace, the appointment will involve a full-scale inspection of the entire heating system. This includes all of its related components, including the home’s ductwork, which greatly impactCooler Weather's Just Ahead -- Arrange For Your Furnace Service Checks how conditioned air is delivered to your home. Additionally, the technician will evaluate:

  • The thermostat controls, so that heat cycles on when heat is called for, and vice versa.
  • Electrical components, measuring the motor’s voltage and current.
  • The system’s lubrication, making sure that lubrication is at its peak to avoid friction and increased energy consumption.
  • The fuel source, typically gas, and its connections, as well as the pressure of the fuel, and related components such as the burner, heat exchanger and combustion process.

The benefits of regular furnace service are convincing. They include the following factors:

When you take the time, and set aside money in your budget, for furnace service each year, you guarantee that the buildup of dirt will not be left unchecked to wreak havoc with your furnace’s efficiency. This way, you will get peak capacity from the furnace.

With regular maintenance and top efficiency, you can expect to see your investment translate into less money paid toward utility bills and more money in your bank account.

When you keep the system well cared for, you’ll avoid paying for unnecessary repairs, because the system’s parts are lubricated, cleaned, and in prime condition.

The icing on the cake? Experts generally agree that you can tack on a few more years to the life of a furnace when it receives regular maintenance.

Haven’t schedule your furnace service appointment yet this fall? There’s no reason to wait, so call the experts at Hansberger Refrigeration & Electrictoday!

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