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Five Ways Well-Sealed Ductwork Can Make Your Home More Comfortable And Energy-Efficient

Several factors must converge in order for you to save on your energy bills each month: Your furnace needs to operate efficiently, and your home should have a tight seal as well. However, if you haven’t addressed your home’s ductwork, it’s likely that you could still be losing energy – and money – this way. Well-sealed ductwork can go a long way toward ensuring a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Taking the necessary steps to seal ductwork is critical because according to the federal Energy Star program, 20 percent of the conditioned air that your furnace and A/C produce can be lost through ducts, due to leaks and cracks that let air escaFive Ways Well-Sealed Ductwork Can Make Your Home More Comfortable And Energy-Efficientpe. As a result, your HVAC systems have to work longer and use more energy to produce inferior comfort to compensate for that lost air. That’s why duct sealing is a must for any homeowner who wants to make a big impact on his or her energy use.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from well-sealed ductwork:

Increased comfort: With less energy lost, your home will receive all of the conditioned air your HVAC systems produce, leaving you with optimal comfort levels.

Improved indoor air quality: When your ductwork is sealed, small particles like dust, insulation or other household products (e.g., chemicals from cleaning solutions) can’t get into the ducts’ airstream and end up circulating in your home’s air supply.

Upgraded safety: If your home has any equipment inside that combusts, carbon monoxide may be produced. If this hazardous gas is drawn into your ducts via leaks, it will be distributed into your home’s air, and, inevitably, you’ll breathe it in – with dire consequences.

Better energy savings: By sealing leaks, you’ll avoid losing conditioned air, and you won’t pay for more energy to compensate for losses.

Contribute to a greener environment: With improved efficiency, you can rest easy knowing you’re contributing to a greener environment by using less energy.

Take advantage of these five benefits of duct sealing today! Call the experts at Hansberger Refrigeration & Electricwith your questions or for help with this project.

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