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Three Reasons To Consider A Ductless Mini-Split System

If you live in a Yuma area home without an existing duct system – or you’ve added on a room or guest house and it’s impractical to extend the ductwork – what can you do to keep the area comfortable? An excellent solution to this dilemma is the increasingly popular ductless mini-split system. Here are the main advantages:Three Reasons To Consider A Ductless Mini-Split System

  • Mini-splits are small – These compact systems consist of two main sections with a conduit connection. The indoor air handling unit is low-profile so that it is doesn’t draw much attention, and the covers are done in sleek, modern designs that blend into various types of interior designs and furnishings. The indoor portion can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, including flush with a dropped ceiling. Floor-standing units are also popular.
  • Zoning-friendlyZoned heating and cooling systems are extremely energy efficient since each section of the home only needs to be air conditioned as needed. This is traditionally achieved using a duct system with dampers to direct airflow precisely, but a ductless mini-split system can quite effectively accomplish zoning as well. Many models accommodate up to four inside air handlers (one for each of four rooms or zones) connected to a single outside condenser/compressor unit. The number of individual indoor units supportable by one outside unit depends on the cooling or heating capacity needed for the zone or the entire home. That is in turn determined by how well the building is insulated. Each room or zone is controlled by a separate thermostat, saving both energy and money.
  • Simple to installDuctless systems require just a small hole through a wall for the connecting conduit and the connector can be up to 50 feet in length. This makes it easy to cool rooms at the front of the home, yet locate the compressor unit far away in a spot that’s hidden from view outdoors, or in a space where its sound level is not an issue.

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