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Furnace Replacement: Your Guide To Choosing The Unit That’s Right For Your Home

While it’s easy to forget about your furnace when it’s working, once it stops, things can quickly get uncomfortable. So if you have a unit more than 10-15 years old and are struggling to heat your house, here are a few basics to keep in mind when thinking about furnace replacement.

When contacting a contractor for an estimate, keep in mind that many will install a furnace that’s too large to keep your house comfortable during cold weather. Yes, that seems like a good reason to go bigger, but let’s look at the drawbacks.

A furnace that’s too large will cycle on and off more often, wearing out components faster and shortening the life of your unit. The initial price and installation are more expensive. A larger unit may also require changes to the size of your ductwork to avoid noisy airflow. How do you know what size furnace will fit your house?

Make sure to find a contractor who will properly calculate the heating needs of your house. He should take into account average winter temperatures; the construction, design, and size of your house; and the cost of your electricity and heating fuel.

In addition, discuss features such as dual heat exchangers, variable-speed blowers, variable heat output, ignition systems, and zoned heating. These features can have a big impact on your system’s efficiency. Finally, when considering a replacement, look at the option of installing a heat pump, which not only provides both heating and cooling, but is more suited for the mild winters we have in Southwest Arizona. It also produces heat much more efficiently.

With a little assistance, you can make your furnace replacement decision an investment, not an expense. Contact Hansberger Refrigeration & Electric Companyif you have questions about replacing your furnace. We’ve proudly served the Yuma area since 1952. Our technicians have the furnace replacement know-how to make sure you get the right system for your home, saving you money and keeping you comfortable all year long.

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