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Heat Pumps: You’ve Considered Efficiency Ratings And Features, But You’re Not Done Yet

Heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool homes in the Yuma area, where summer temperatures are among the hottest in the desert Southwest. Winter temperatures, though mild, require some heating, usually at night, to stay comfortable indoors. The U.S. Department of Energy states that a heat pump is one of the most energy-efficient ways to condition homes year-round in climates like Yuma’s. So once you’ve made the decision to install a heat pump, you have to consider which kind to buy.

  • Air-source heat pumps are the most common, but if your home doesn’t have ductwork, you might consider a ductless mini-split system. These systems use an outdoor condenser and compressor, just like a standard pump. A mini-split can include up to four individual air handlers for separate rooms or zones, each with its own temperature controls. This helps you save money by not conditioning rooms you don’t use. You also don’t have energy losses from conditioned air being lost in leaky or poorly fitted ductwork.
  • The most energy-efficient type of heat pump is geothermal. although not a common system for the Yuma area it uses underground coils to exchange heat that cools and heats your home. Although the initial cost of these units is much higher, the operating costs are significantly lower than air-source heat pumps. Considering how long and hot the cooling season is in the Yuma area, if soil conditions are right these are good choices for people who look at the cost of conditioning air over the longer term.
  • Yuma has plenty of sunshine that can be used in absorption heat pumps. These are not really a good choice for Yuma as it gets so very hot here these systems typically cannot keep up during the temperature peaks. These pumps use heat as the energy to create chilled or heated air. The fuel sources include gas or solar panels that heat water. Most of these heat pumps are used in milder climates in commercial settings and some homes with over 4,000 square feet in those climates can be efficiently conditioned using this type.

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