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Thinking About Buying A Furnace Online? Think Twice, And Then Call Your Contractor

Many items, including furnaces, are available for low prices online. Buying a furnace online may seem like a great idea, but it will often end up costing the buyer more in the long run than a furnace from a reputable HVAC contractor. 

When you buy a furnace online, it has unknown origins. The seller might advertise it as new or barely used, but the furnace might be defective, an old model, heavily used or even stolen. Even if the product is what it seems, it can be difficult to choose the right furnace for your home without professional help. Buying a furnace online often ends up costing you more than bThinking About Buying A Furnace Online? Think Twice, And Then Call Your Contractoruying one from a local contractor. Furnaces bought on the Internet come with risks, including:

  • No warranty. Manufacturer’s warranties may not apply to used furnaces, meaning that you have to pay for all repairs yourself.
  • No labor warranty. Most contractors do not like to install a furnace that they do not trust. Therefore, contractors often refuse to warranty labor on furnaces that clients buy online.
  • Difficulty finding an installer. Many contractors refuse to install furnaces purchased online. It might be difficult and expensive to find somebody to install a furnace purchased on the Internet.
  • Incorrect sizing. Homeowners may pick the wrong size furnace when shopping online. Incorrectly sized furnaces may be inefficient in a home, providing uneven comfort levels.
  • Poor quality. A reputable local company will only sell brands that they trust. Homeowners commonly run into poor quality furnaces when buying a furnace online.
  • High energy bills. An old or incorrectly sized furnace will often use more energy than a furnace that a reputable contractor would recommend.

Rather than buying a furnace online, ask some questions about reputable local companies and find an installer who will warranty their labor. A trustworthy company can help you choose and install a replacement furnace, and their quality product and work will save you money in the long run.

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