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What Clicks, Pops And Goes Boom? A Troubled Furnace

Do you hear strange sounds when you turn on the heat? Your furnace might be trying to tell you something – that it’s time for service. Those clicks and booms are symptoms of a troubled furnace. While troubleshooting problems with your furnace can be difficult, some common problems are associated with certain sounds. Here’s a list of some of the most common sounds and what the problems might be:

What Clicks, Pops And Goes Boom? A Troubled Furnace.A boom when the furnace is ignited, sometimes accompanied by shaking:

Dirty or clogged burners

Carbon and silt can build up over time causing the gas to accumulate before it moves past the buildup of debris, which may result in the loud noise. If not corrected, the problem will only get worse and result in more costly damage. A professional can clean the burners quickly and the cost is minimal.

When the furnace is running, a series of rattling, popping or booming sounds come from or around a particular room:

Rattling may mean something is loose in the ductwork.

Locate the loose spot by following the sounds. Loose ductwork can be tightened by bending the metal or applying a metal brace.

When the furnace is running, the blower runs after the flow of gas has stopped. This is accompanied by a series of clicking sounds, then the gas reignites:

The sensor has a buildup of debris.

The sensor can be cleaned with sandpaper after you turn off the furnace and shut off the gas.

Squealing or grinding noises:

A belt is too loose, too tight, or worn and needs to be replaced.

If the belt is not replaced, it can damage the bearings in the blower’s motor.

Furnace will not stay lit:

The pilot can have a buildup of debris.

The gas valve may be bad.

Yearly maintenance can resolve or prevent many of the symptoms listed above. If your furnace is making noise, contact Hansberger Refrigeration & Electric Companyto diagnose your troubled furnace. We have proudly served the Yuma area since 1952.

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