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Heat Pump Maintenance: Key Ways To Keep Your Unit Running Better And Longer

The long life of your heat pump depends on it being kept in proper working order. Regular heat pump maintenance also is the key to keeping it operating at its peak efficiency. Maintenance, on a regular schedule, pays for itself. This is not an empty expense; it’s an investment in your equipment and in keeping your operating costs low.

What’s involved in heat pump maintenanceHeat Pump Maintenance: Key Ways To Keep Your Unit Running Better And Longer

An annual check-up for a heat pump is an involved process. Neglect can cause a range of damaging consequences so a technician checks for multiple issues. Here is what you can expect from your yearly heat pump troubleshooting:

  • Duct Issues – Duct leaks can occur, causing a loss of conditioned air. Blockages due to debris, collapsed areas or blocked returns can overwork the unit, straining the system and wasting energy.
  • Cleaning – Dirt and grime can rob the unit of energy. Indoor and outdoor coils as well as the blower may need cleaning or obstruction removal.
  • Refrigerant Check – Refrigerant levels must be exact. Leaks can occur and cause damage to the compressor and wasted energy.
  • Electrical Connections – Connections can loosen or corrode, causing a poor electrical flow. These will be checked, tightened if necessary, and possibly given a protective coating.
  • Lubrication – Proper lubrication reduces friction. Fans and motors will be checked and lubricated if required.
  • Airflow – Circulation of air is essential to comfort. The technician will check for optimum airflow.
  • Thermostat – Your thermostat controls your heat pump. If the thermostat is operating poorly, it affects your heat pump as well. The thermostat may need calibrating.

Your equipment is a serious investment. Annual heat pump maintenance ensures your investment is in top shape. It also prevents unpleasant surprises, gives you peace of mind, and keeps your energy costs as low as possible.

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