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Choosing The Right Ventilating Fans For Your Home

While having a tightly sealed home is beneficial for improving energy efficiency, especially during a hot southwest Arizona summer when the A/C is working overtime, it’s still important to maintain some air flow. Using ventilating fans to bring fresh air into your home and remove stale, old air can help improve indoor air quality. 

Ventilating fans come in several different models with a range of features. Consider the following factors before you decide which system to buy:

  • Efficiency – Although a high-efficiency model may cost a little more, you will get much more out of it in the long run. High-efficiency motors are generally designed better so they last longer, and they cost less to run. Avoid models with shaded pole-motors. Although they are cheap, these are the most inefficient and are generally not rated for continuous operation.
  • Noise – High-efficiency fans tend to be quieter, which is an important factor to consider if you intend to operate the ventilation system continuously.
  • Humidity – Energy recovery ventilators also help control indoor humidity, making your home much more comfortable without a significant impact on your monthly utility bills.
  • Installation – Consider installing ventilating fans that are integrated with your heating and cooling system. A variable-speed integrated control motor is very efficient, partly because it can run at low speeds without consuming much energy. Integrated variable-speed motors can also improve home comfort when you use the same fans for heating and cooling. Because they can efficiently run continuously, you have fewer hot and cold spots, and no uncomfortable blasts of cold air when the air conditioner kicks on.

The best way to determine the right ventilation system for your home is to work with a professional. If you are upgrading to a new heating and cooling system, ask your contractor about integrated ventilating fans for better energy efficiency and home comfort, especially if you have a new or tightly-sealed home.

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