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It’s Time To Tend To Your Air Conditioner

The triple digits aren’t far off in the southwest deserts of Arizona, and you’ll get more efficient cooling from your air conditioner when you service it. Annual maintenance removes the dust and dirt that impede cooling and drive your electric bill up without the benefit of cooler indoor temperatures. Some of the tasks are DIY, while others require a licensed HVAC technician to complete.

Tasks you can do yourself…

  • Inspect the outdoor compressor and clear away any dead leaves or vegetation growing next to it. The compressor needs to have free space all the way around it for maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Spray the fins that line the outside of the compressor with a gentle stream of water from the hose to remove the dirt. The fan inside the compressor pulls air over the fins and refrigerant coils, and in Yuma’s dusty environment, dust settles on these parts all year long.
  • Change or clean the filter for the indoor air handler. Nothing creates more inefficiency in your air conditioner than dust and dirt covering the evaporator coil, where the air picks up the temperatures from the cold refrigerant circulating inside the coil. Running your air conditioner with a dirty filter can cause the evaporator coil to freeze over, which eventually causes outdoor compressor failure. Change your filter when you get your monthly electric bill when the system runs throughout the cooling season.

An HVAC professional will…

  • Check the refrigerant level for the air conditioner. If the level is low, the technician will look for leaks in the coils. Not only do coil leaks reduce efficiency, the leaking gas is an environmental hazard.
  • Clean the electrical components inside and out. Even a small amount of dust can interfere with the power supply to each of the A/C components, which reduces system efficiency and can even hasten equipment failure.
  • Verify that the drainpipe outlet is clear.
  • Inspect all the parts of your system for wear.
  • Make sure that the ducts are tight.

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