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Ductwork Noise: When There’s Banging And Clatter, You Know Something’s The Matter

If you frequently hear strange clicks, cracks, pops or even booms coming from inside your walls, ceilings or floors, it may be more than just the house settling. It could very well be ductwork noise, resulting from expansion and contraction. Noises like this aren’t easy to quiet, but solutions are available.

As warm air passes through your ducts, the sheet metal actually gets a little larger. After the furnace finishes a cycle, the ducts contract as they cool down. Contraction and expansion occurs in summer, too, when your air conditioner sends cold air thDuctwork Noise: When There's Banging And Clatter, You Know Something's The Matter  rough your ducts. The same thing happens with pipes and water lines. Furthermore, the lumber in your building actually gets a little smaller over time, meaning holes that were large enough on construction get tighter. The entire process of expansion and contraction should be silent, but when sheet metal rubs against lumber, ductwork noises result.

Ideally, contractors should design your home and your ductwork system knowing that expansion and contraction is inevitable. They should leave sufficient amounts of space to prevent friction between the lumber and metal, and to reduce ductwork noises as much as possible. Many contractors, especially newer, less experienced ones, don’t account for this.

So what can you do? First of all, rest assured that ductwork noises aren’t a threat to the actual structure of your home. They can be very inconvenient and distracting, however. Taking care of them typically requires removing drywall to see exactly where the loud creaks, cracks and pops are coming from.

While lubricants are available that can reduce the noises, they don’t last. For a long-term solution, it’s probable that the wood will need to be shaved a little so it isn’t touching the ductwork. It’s not a good idea to go in there with a saw yourself, as removing necessary wood could seriously damage the structural integrity of your home. Instead, call a building inspector or a contractor.

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