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Buying A New System? Why Ductwork Renovation May Be In Order

It’s a bit like putting a new engine in your car while ignoring the fact that the old transmission is slipping: It may not get you very far. Replacing your home furnace and air conditioning system without giving attention to the state of your ductwork could be an exercise in false economy. While adding new, modern HVAC equipment will increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, distributing that air through faulty ductwork could offset many of those gains. Conversely, research by the National Comfort Institute shows that ductwork renovation conducted at the time new equipment is installed can increase overall system performance by 35 percent or more —about twice the expected increase from replacing the equipment alone.

A typical ductwork renovation begins with an appraisal of the ductwork’s overall condition, then sealing all joints and leaks, insulating where required, testing system pressure and correcting imbalances. Additional work required may include Buying A New System? Why Ductwork Renovation May Be In Order  replacement of duct segments that have deteriorated beyond repair.

Leaks in ductwork take many forms. Large leaks are often segments of disjointed ductwork that require reconnection. Smaller leaks may be less obvious. A technician will use a blower fan and a small smoke generator to isolate locations where air is escaping. Most cracks or pinhole leaks in ductwork are repaired from the inside by applying long-lasting mastic sealant.

Where required, ducts may have insulation added or replaced. Segments of ductwork may be replaced with fiberglass duct board or flexible ducts, which have insulation ratings from R-4 to R-8. The insulation around sheet metal ducts may be increased by adding insulated duct wrap.

After necessary repairs and replacements are made, the system is tested for pressure imbalances. An unbalanced system delivers inconsistent amounts of air flow, with some rooms receiving too much and others too little. Imbalances are often corrected by the installation of baffles to limit excessive air flow to particular areas while redirecting it to areas receiving insufficient flow.

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