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Properly Venting Your Exhaust Fans

Properly installed and vented exhaust fans are an important element in maintaining a healthy interior air environment. Fans installed in kitchens remove visible particles from the air and also invisible aerosol by-products of cooking, such as the grease that coats exposed surfaces and is such a chore to clean. Excess humidity from boiling hot water or sinks is also taken out of the environment, reducing the opportunity for mold to gain a foothold. Bathroom exhaust fans take the main burden of expelling warm, foggy air before it condenses on wall or ceiling surfaces, causing deterioration or creating a welcoming environment for mold and mildew. Avoiding a few common mistakes in venting kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans will ensure the fan performs its designed function and clears the air efficiently.

Exhaust fans must exhaust air outside the house.  Halfway measures, such as venting into the attic, don’t go far enough and will result in the attic space accumulating cooking fumes and damaging humidity.

Fans should be connected to metal ductwork extending all the way to the exterior venting point with no 90-degree bends.  Every joint in the ductwork should be carefully sealed with metal tape. Over time, a leaky joint in the ductwork of a kitchen exhaust fan could create a grease-soaked area in some hidden portion of the home and result in a fire hazard.  Similarly, a bathroom duct that leaks water vapor could saturate structural wood or insulation, causing unseen damage.

Don’t take the easy way out and connect the fan to an existing vent pipe. Doing so will reduce the efficiency of the vent and create condensation. Install dedicated ductwork all the way to the roof.  Also, don’t make use of an existing roof vent as the venting point on the roof. Capped vents designed for exhaust are widely available and easily installed.

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