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Furnace Replacement: Why Waiting Till Spring Was The Right Decision

As spring sets in, most people’s thoughts turn to how they’re going to cool their house, especially here in southwest Arizona where the summers are long and blazing. However, if winter showed you that you need a furnace replacement, spring is actually the perfect time to contact an HVAC dealer.

Why not wait until fall or even the beginning of winter? Those are the prime furnace-buying seasons. It might make sense to wait at first glance, but when you think about it, there are advantages to getting your furnace replacement now.

First of all, HVAC contractors are typically in a bit of a lull right now before the cooling season gets into full swing. They have installed and repaired furnaces all winter. Some are already starting to work on air conditioning systems. If you can set up a furnace replacement before it really gets hot, you’ll likely get faster service than usual from the initial consultation, to determining what size and type of furnace you need, through the system’s installation.

Many HVAC installers are also offering good deals on installation. During the busy seasons, the installer must charge more for installation simply due to the need to have their technicians working overtime or even hiring extra technicians to keep up with demand. Since installers are less busy in the “off season” at the end of winter and beginning of spring, they can afford to charge less for installation. By buying now, you can make sure you get a good deal on your furnace replacement.

You may even find that you can afford more furnace than you thought thanks to the deals that are being offered. There’s no doubt that an energy-efficient furnace will save you money in the long run compared to a less efficient one, though here in the Yuma area, with our short, mild winters, the savings won’t be as much as they would be up north. Also, the higher the energy efficiency rating, the more expensive the furnace. You can consult with your local HVAC professional on the optimum efficiency level for a furnace operating in our short winters.

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