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Five Problems That Can Derail Your Air Conditioning

As you get ready for a hot, dry summer in Southwest Arizona, air conditioning is essential for a comfortable home. You should be aware of problems that can knock your cooling system out of commission:

  • Poor maintenance on an air conditioner can bring on serious problems. Dirty filters and coils can cause it to perform poorly, or can cause the fans or compressor to fail prematurely. Debris and foliage can interfere with the opeFive Problems That Can Derail Your Air Conditioningration of the outdoor compressor/condensing unit.
  • Fan and compressor controls can wear out in time, especially when the system is turned on and off frequently. Corrosion of wires and terminals can also be a problem. An HVAC service technician can check electrical connections and contacts.
  • Refrigerant leaks, which are bad for the environment, should not be dealt with simply by adding refrigerant. A technician should fix leaks and add the proper amount of refrigerant. Your air conditioner will work best when it’s charged with refrigerant to match specifications by the manufacturer.

You can avoid these and other problems by scheduling routine HVAC maintenance prior to the cooling season. A technician will do a thorough check of your equipment and make necessary adjustments and repairs. Proper maintenance can stop small problems before they become bigger ones.

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