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Where The Ductwork Doesn’t Go, Ductless Cooling Delivers

If you’ve got a space in your home that you close off during the summer because it’s not air conditioned or too hot, consider ductless cooling. Also called ductless mini-splits, these systems are actually heat pumps that use a narrow conduit to connect the outdoor compressor to the indoor air handler. They offer all the energy efficiency of a heat pump, without the need for central air distribution. This makes them ideal for building additions, remodeled spaces or exceptionally uncomfortable rooms. 

Ductless cooling with a mini-split has some distinct advantages over extending a central air conditioner. The mini-splits offer:

  • Ease of installation. The installer places the outdoor compressor/condenser in a convenient location in your yard, drills a three-inch hole through the exterior wall and runs the conduit between the compressor and air handler. The conduit contains the refrigerant, drainpipe, and power for the air handler. The manufacturer installs the refrigerant, making this step unnecessary when hooking it up in your home. Maintaining a mini-split is also simpler than a central air conditioner.
  • Energy efficiency. Mini-splits have to meet the same energy standards that heat pumps do. In addition to a minimum SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) of 13, some ductless cooling systems exceed the SEER by having upgraded features such as variable-speed motors for greater efficiency. No cooling losses occur through thermal or air leaks in ducts, since the conditioned air blows directly into the room. The air handler can be set to any temperature or turned off when you’re not using the space.
  • Flexibility. Some types of mini-splits allow up to four separate air handlers, making system expansion possible. The air handlers either rest on the floor or hang from the ceiling or walls. Hanging units usually come with remote controls for simple operation. When you have several mini-split air handlers, they operate as zoning systems, with separate temperature controls for each location.
  • Safety. Unlike window or wall air conditioners, mini-splits don’t provide any opportunity for someone to enter your home through an open window.

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