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Smart Thermostat? Smart Choice

With unpredictable utility prices, today’s homeowners need every advantage they can muster to curb costs when and where available. Smart programmable thermostats can help you do just that, with a three-pronged approach to systems enhancement, energy savings and customized home comfort to fit your lifestyle. 

Systems enhancementSmart Thermostat? Smart Choice

Smart thermostats easily integrate control of all compatible home-comfort systems, to include heating, cooling and circulation. Whether you’re at home or away, the smart thermostat allows you to maintain optimal temperature and relative humidity levels based on outdoor conditions, and your programmed set-point. System heating and cooling changeover is automatic for worry-free comfort and savings. To take full advantage of an integrated home-comfort network, tell your heating and cooling pro the type of systems you have and their manufacturer.

Energy savings

Saving on utility costs has never been easier with the new generation of smart thermostats. Large touchscreen displays with intuitive interfacing make programming quick and easy. Program your thermostat to adjust the temperature 8 to 10 degrees up or down from your normal comfort setting during work, sleep and other regularly scheduled activities. You can easily save 10 percent, and more, on heating and cooling costs, according to Energy Savers.

Customized home comfort

Today’s smart thermostats offer a host of features to maximize comfort and convenience, while reducing your chore load with automatic system monitoring. These are some of the popular features:

  • Use a smartphone app, or go online to change thermostat settings, monitor conditions and receive system alerts.
  • Alerts include system malfunctions (overheating, power outage, defrosting), excess temperature variance from set-point, indoor-air quality monitoring, and more.
  • Panel lock prevents tampering and accidental adjustment of controls and programs.
  • Change settings anywhere in your home via remote.
  • Convenient hold button allows for quick temperature changes. The smart thermostat resumes normal program at the next scheduled event.
  • Smart thermostats may control zoning systems, heat pumps with advanced features, and many other heating and cooling systems.

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