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A Kitchen Exhaust Fan: Key Considerations During Selection And Installation

If your kitchen exhaust fan isn’t powerful enough for the size of your kitchen, you probably have a good coating of smoke residue and grease that builds up very quickly on your stove hood, counter-top and other surfaces. If your fan isn’t vented correctly or there’s a lack of makeup air, you may have a dangerous situation in the making. Here are some key considerations when choosing a new kitchen exhaust fan:

  • Overhead exhaust fans (as opposed to down-draft model) are often recommended because heat naturally rises. A Kitchen Exhaust Fan: Key Considerations During Selection And InstallationAll the airborne cooking debris and odors in your kitchen can quite easily collect in an overhead range hood.
  • Sizing a kitchen exhaust fan is important to proper functioning. For a good estimate, multiply the square footage of your kitchen and halve it to get the fan output required in cubic-feet-per-minute (CFM). Choose a fan that can handle that capacity on the medium setting.
  • Choose a versatile, variable-speed fan that includes lighting and dishwasher-safe, removable grease collectors.
  • For venting, metal ducts of the exact size recommended by the fan maker should be used, staying within the maximum length stated in the instructions. Venting ducts should run directly outside, rather than venting into the attic or elsewhere in the home. Use a high-capacity roof cap so rain can’t enter the house through the exhaust vent. Sharp angles should be avoided in the duct design. Joints must be tightly sealed using metal duct tape, otherwise leaks could allow hidden areas within your house to accumulate grease, a fire risk.
  • If the air that your exhaust fan sucks out of the house isn’t balanced by a makeup air supply vent to allow outdoor air in, you could have back-draft danger. This is when carbon monoxide or smoke gets pulled back down the vent pipe.
  • Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for sizing details and procedures you must follow to comply with warranty conditions.

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