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Six Surefire Ways To Optimize A/C Performance

If there’s one thing that Yuma area residents need, it’s top A/C performance to get through the exceptionally hot and long summers. Improving your system’s performance can save significant amounts on your electric bill during the cooling season. Take these steps for optimum A/C performance:

  1. Check the filter for your air handler regularly. Nothing drives your electric bills up faster than a dirty filter.Six Surefire Ways To Optimize A/C Performance It slows the passage of air through the air handler, makes the compressor run longer and can cause parts or system failure if neglected too long. Clean or replace your filters when they’re dirty.
  2. Clear away the debris from the outdoor compressor, especially after dust storms. Hose the dirt away from the fins and coils to make it easier for the compressor to exhaust the heat from your home.
  3. Use a programmable thermostat, especially if you’re gone during the day. You’ll save money and increase your A/C performance and longevity if it runs less when you’re not there. The thermostat does the work for you, so you won’t need to remember to change the temperature setting when you leave. It also starts the A/C before you expect to return, so your home is comfortable for your arrival.
  4. Check and fix your ducts. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that your air ducts can account for 30 percent or more of your system’s efficiency losses. Air leaks send conditioned air to places where it’s not needed, raising your electric bill. If you can’t access your ducts, contact an HVAC contractor who can do the project for you.
  5. Have a professional service your air conditioner annually. NATE Certified HVAC technicians will bring your system back to the manufacturer’s specifications as closely as possible, which increases your A/C performance. Besides lowering your electric bill, annual servicing adds life to the equipment.
  6. Choose Energy Star certified products when it’s time to upgrade your HVAC equipment. Today’s air conditioners and heat pumps have far greater efficiency than older units.

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