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The Ductless Mini Split: 3 Reasons To Give It Serious Consideration

For versatile installation, ease of maintenance, great energy efficiency and enhanced home comfort, the ductless mini split is the perfect addition for your home’s new addition or retrofit, or for supplementing heating and cooling in just about any space.

Versatile installation & maintenance

Ductless mini split systems are redesigned compact heat pumps that afford homeowners an efficient and effective heating and The Ductless Mini Split: 3 Reasons To Give It Serious Considerationcooling option when extending current ducts isn’t practical, or for homes with no ductwork system at all. Installation is unobtrusive and relatively quick. The outdoor cabinet houses the compressor and condenser. You may choose vertical or horizontal air-discharge units to match the selected location.

The power cable, refrigerant tubing and condensate line are concealed inside a conduit, which may extend 50 feet to connect with up to four indoor air handlers. The conduit needs a mere 3 or 4 inches through the exterior wall. The indoor air handlers are typically mounted high on walls for best heating and cooling properties and space saving, though they can be free-standing, too. You may also choose units concealed within wall or ceiling spaces.

Do-it-yourself maintenance is straightforward and primarily consists of changing the air filter regularly, and ensuring that the outdoor unit maintains free airflow. The outside cabinet should be installed with at least one foot of clearance from walls and fencing. Keep debris, weeds, leaves and other airflow hindrances away from the unit.

Professional preventive maintenance is needed to ensure longevity and performance, and to minimize repairs. An HVAC professional inspects, calibrates and checks many components including electrical connections and refrigerant levels, and ensures drainage is clear to prevent water damage inside your home.

Efficiency & comfort

Ductless mini splits provide high-efficiency heating and cooling. In addition, each air handler is separately controlled, providing a zoning system for individualized comfort. This helps save substantial energy by allowing you to heat and cool specific rooms or areas (zones) as needed. It affords occupants personalized comfort, which helps ease fussing over thermostat settings.

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