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Noisy Air Conditioner Driving You Crazy? How To Choose A Quiet System

When your air conditioner is noisy, it can be enough to drive you to distraction. No matter what you do, that annoying sound continues to overpower your attempts to watch TV, get some sleep or even have a conversation. If you’re hoping to remedy this situation, an upgrade to a new air conditioning system may be your best bet.

Why is my air conditioner so noisy?noisy air conditioner yuma arizona

Often, problems with noisy cooling equipment occur when the system is on its last leg and is ready to be retired. An old, failing compressor is the most common cause of a loud air conditioning system, and your only option when it reaches that point is to replace the whole unit. If your system is relatively new but is still making noise, you may consider utilizing a compressor blanket or erecting a fence to act as a sound barrier. However, first try to get the problem assessed and repaired by a trained HVAC technician.

What should I look for in an air conditioner upgrade?

The cooling equipment being manufactured today is far superior to systems from even five years ago, and are created to run more quietly. Here are a few suggestions when selecting your new system.

  • Two-stage cooling – Your air conditioner will run much more efficiently with two-stage cooling, as it can automatically switch between a lower and higher operating speed depending on the temperature requirements in your home. In this way, only the exact energy required is utilized.
  • Solar power – If you’re upgrading your system already, you may be interested in going solar. Harnessing the power of he sun will save you a lot of money and may even give you the opportunity to earn credits from the electric company.
  • Easy maintenance – Consult an HVAC contractor to find an air conditioner that can easily be cleaned and maintained.

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