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A Two-Stage Cooling System Delivers Optimal Efficiency

As you seek out the ideal air conditioning upgrade, you may be having a difficult time coming to a decision. With so many energy-efficiency features and gadgets on the market, many homeowners are left scratching their heads, wondering what will give them them the most value for their dollar. To boost your air conditioner’s efficiency and effectiveness, a two-stage cooling system is the way to go.

What is a two-stage cooling system?

It’s likely that the air conditioner that you have now is a single-stage system. These systems are only capable of running at onA Two-Stage Cooling System Delivers Optimal Efficiencye level of operation, basically full-go. A two-stage air conditioner, on the other hand, can automatically switch between a high and lower operating speed depending on the cooling demands of your home. When the weather is moderate, your cooling equipment will be able to keep you cool at the lower (usually 65 to 70 percent) level. As soon as the temperature gets high enough that it can no longer keep up with your needs, your air conditioner will transition to 100 percent speed.

What benefits does a two-stage cooling system offer?

If our weather in the Yuma area was always consistently hot, a single-stage air conditioner would be fine. As you know, however, the weather can fluctuate between moderate and high heat depending on the season or time of day. Because of this, you don’t want your air conditioner constantly running at high speed when it’s not necessary. For the majority of the time, a two-stage cooling system can meet your needs while running on the lower setting. In this way, your cooling equipment will only utilize the exact energy required to keep up with your cooling demands.

In spite of your two-stage air conditioner running on a lower speed, its cooling cycles will actually last longer than a single-stage system. This enables your air conditioner to better dehumidify your home, improving both comfort and indoor air quality, as this will reduce the likelihood of toxic mold and mildew growth.

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