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7 Key Energy-Efficiency Investments That Pay Off Over The Long Haul

Making energy-efficiency investments for your home is a great way to save money over the coming months and years. Consider the following seven key energy-efficiency investments for Yuma-area residents. Some of them require a larger upfront investment while some are relatively inexpensive, but they all result in the beneficial energy savings you’re looking for.7 Key Energy-Efficiency Investments That Pay Off Over The Long Haul

  1. Choose efficient cooling equipment: In such a warm climate, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have an Energy Star-qualified central air conditioner or heat pump. The Energy Star label means the equipment can deliver highly efficient air conditioning that will save you money every month.
  2. Find efficient home appliances: Your cooling equipment may be the most substantial utility bill contributor, but by choosing other Energy Star appliances, you’ll save even more over the long term. Some energy-efficient appliances you can find include dishwashers, washing machines, clothing dryers and refrigerators.
  3. Install a programmable thermostat: In homes where all the occupants are gone for many hours each day, programmable thermostats are valuable energy-efficiency investments. The beauty of programmable thermostats is that you can set the temperature up 8 to 10 degrees in your absence but program them to resume a comfortable temperature before you return home.
  4. Update windows and doors: Seal air leaks around windows and doors, and replace old windows with triple-pane, low-E windows.
  5. Use window coverings: Since you can count on it being hot for a majority of the year in southwest Arizona, it’s worthwhile to install reflective window coatings. In addition, use blinds, drapes, awnings and overhangs to keep direct sunlight out.
  6. Landscape for energy efficiency: Dense, tall trees on the south and west sides of your home can block the worst of the summer sun’s rays. Low plants and shrubs around the foundation of your home help keep the ground cool as well as reduce heat radiation into your home.
  7. Add insulation: Boosting the attic’s insulation level is great for keeping sweltering attic temperatures out of the living space. Insulating the water heater tank also reduces standby heat loss and interior heat gain.

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