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Two-Stage Air Conditioners Offer High Value

The blazing southwest Arizona sun dictates that you have an effective air conditioner for most of the year. While there are a number of energy-efficient models to choose from, selecting a two-stage air conditioner can greatly improve cooling in your home, not to mention your bank account.

Two-stage air conditioner upgrade
There’s a good chance that the current cooling setup in your home is only a single-stage system. Basically, this means that the compressor used to help cool your home is always set to “high,” no matter what your cooling needs may be.Two-Stage Air Conditioners Offer High Value

A two-stage system, as the name suggests, allows for both a “high” and “low” level. The system will start at the low setting, which will take care of the majority of your cooling needs. But as the temperature rises outside and your home begins to heat up, the higher level will automatically kick in.

Two-stage cooling improves your home’s comfort
Through much of the year, a two-stage air conditioner will run at its lower speed, but its cooling cycles will often last longer. This allows moisture and pollutants to be removed from your air on a more constant basis, which means you will enjoy better indoor air quality. As an added bonus, two-stage systems are designed to run quieter.

Two-stage cooling lowers your costs
Although it may seem as if your air conditioner should always run at a high speed due to Arizona’s infamous heat, for much of the year the lower setting will be adequate, decreasing your energy use and saving you money. In fact, two-stage air conditioners are more energy efficient than their single-stage brethren, as they will only use the precise amount of energy needed for cooling.

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