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5 Energy-Savings Tips For Lower Cooling Costs

Here in Yuma we know what it means to live in a hot climate, so it’s always important to keep our cooling costs as low as possible. You may be applying certain principles that you assume make your house and air conditioner more efficient, but do they? It can be difficult to distinguish myth from fact, so here are five myths about home energy use and the correct energy-savings tips that apply to each situation:

Halogen lights are more efficient
5 Energy-Savings Tips For Lower Cooling Costs
They’re more efficient than incandescent lights, it’s true, but halogens produce a considerable amount of heat, which adds more work for your air conditioner, making it work needlessly harder. Halogen lights also require transformers, and these use energy even when the light isn’t on. They’re also known to be fire hazards.

Fluorescent lights are awful

Fluorescent lights have had a bad reputation in the past, but technology has improved them considerably. The annoying flicker and hum they once had no longer occurs in the newer models that use electronic incandescent lighting. They produce significantly less of a carbon footprint from power plant pollution, due to requiring less electricity. They do contain mercury, and therefore must be disposed of properly and not thrown in the trash.

You should seal ducts with duct tape

Never seal ducts with duct tape. Duct tape has low durability and loses its integrity easily. It frequently falls off because of dirty and improperly prepared surfaces, and it can lose its stickiness as it ages and the adhesive dries. To lessen the cooling load on your A/C,  properly sealing your ducts with mastic sealant or metal tape is important to prevent and seal air leaks.

When my appliance is off, it stops using energy

This isn’t true if the appliance is plugged in and on standby power, which can draw a small amount of energy constantly. Unplug what you aren’t using, which isn’t difficult if you group appliances into one power strip and turn it off when not in use.

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