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Get Whole-House Energy Efficiency By Evaluating All Of The Systems In Your Home

With cooler weather approaching, it’s a good time to take a look at your whole-house energy efficiency to prepare for cooler temperatures in the short term and lower your home’s use of energy in the long-term. Breaking it down by reviewing the systems in your home makes it easier to complete the improvements.

  1. Air leaks. Window and door frames bring air inside or lose it to the outdoors. Use exterior caulk to seal the frames and fresh weatherstripping around doors.Get Whole-House Energy Efficiency By Evaluating All Of The Systems In Your Home
  2. Ductwork. Leaking ducts can cost you up to 30 percent of your conditioned air. Seal them with mastic sealant or metal tape. If they’re hard to access, a reliable HVAC contractor can help you identify the leaks and seal them.
  3. Insulation. Increase the amount of insulation in the attic. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends at least 16 inches.
  4. Windows. Windows can let in a great deal of heat in the summer and lose it in the winter. If yours are single-pane, consider upgrading to dual, thermal or Energy Star certified windows. You can also lower the thermal inefficiency by using shade screens in the summer or applying reflective films.
  5. Water heater. Drain a few gallons of water from your storage tank water heater several times a year, and in general turn the thermostat down to 120 degrees. Both of these reduce the hard water deposits at the bottom of the tank, extending the appliance’s life and increasing efficiency.
  6. Lighting. Switch to CFL or LED to increase whole-house energy efficiency. Not only do these bulbs use far less electricity, they cut down on the heat indoors.
  7. Fans. Use ceiling fans that have reversing switches so you can use them to help cool in the summer and re-circulate warm air in the winter (when turned on low). If you expect to use the fans more to help with cooling during our mild southwest Arizona winter, just leave them on the standard counter-clockwise rotation.
  8. Maintenance. Have your HVAC equipment serviced annually and change the air filters for the air handler monthly, especially during high-use seasons. Both of these will lower your energy bills measurably.

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