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Improving Home Insulation Puts These 3 Benefits In Your Pocket

Improving home insulation is one of the most valuable upgrades you can make to your southwest Arizona residence. With millions of American homes not having adequate insulation, according to one recent study, homeowners are letting an easily rectified problem reduce their home’s energy efficiency. Here are three of the primary benefits of insulating your house properly:

  1. Greater comfort — Increasing insulation in key areas of the home, such as under floors that lie above unheated spaces, in walls or ceilings that adjoin unheated spaces, basement walls, or the kneewalls of finished attics, leads to gImproving Home Insulation Puts These 3 Benefits In Your Pocketreater comfort as drafts are reduced and floors stay warmer with the extra protection from the cold.
  2. Noise reduction — Insulation added to walls or ceilings can significantly lower the level of noise in your home, as sound is either deflected or absorbed when it reaches the insulating material. A home that has been properly insulated will have reduced noise levels between rooms in the house as well as fewer loud sounds coming into the home from outside.
  3. Savings —  Heating and cooling account for about 38 percent of the energy expenses in a typical home. Adding insulation makes your house more energy efficient, which means you don’t need to operate your heating and cooling system as often as you would otherwise. This creates important savings on your monthly energy bill

Another advantage of a well-insulated home is the environmental and health benefits that result when heating and cooling systems are used less often. According to a study done at Harvard University, this reduces the emissions coming from power plants, and leads to a significant decline in respiratory and cardiovascular problems in the general population.

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