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Create A Weather-Related Emergency Plan For Your Family

One of the best things you can do for your family is to have a weather-related emergency plan. Though potentially dangerous monsoon storms won’t be back for months, winter storms in Southwest Arizona can be severe as well, with strong winds and occasional lightening. 

  • Teach your children the dangers associated with lightening and that they should stay indoors, and away from wweather-related emergency plan yuma arizonaindows. If you have a swimming pool, tell them to get out of the water immediately if they see lightening or hear thunder and to go inside.
  • Keep a list of emergency numbers somewhere convenient and show your children how to dial 911.
  • Introduce your youngsters to the smell of natural gas if you use gas appliances. If they’re alone at home during a storm, instruct them to call 911 if they smell gas, and then go outside. Tell them never to turn on or off anything in the home until help arrives. Check your CO detectors monthly and instruct the children to leave the home if either the smoke or CO alarm goes off.
  • If you don’t have another adult family member living nearby, find a neighbor who can help the children in the event of a weather-related emergency and you can’t be home immediately.
  • Learn how to operate your garage door manually as part of your weather-related emergency plan. If you need to leave your home during a power outage, you’ll be able to use your vehicle.
  • Show everyone who’s old enough how to turn the circuit breaker off for the HVAC equipment if the power goes out. As power’s restored, surges may occur and damage the electronics inside. As an alternative, consider installing surge protectors for your major appliances, including the air conditioner and furnace.
  • Find the safest room in your home in case damaging winds are forecast. Choose one that has few windows and out of the path of the incoming winds.

If you need help with a weather-related emergency plan to protect your home’s HVAC equipment or electrical system, please contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We’ve provided quality HVAC services for the Yuma area since 1952.

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