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Upgrading Your Home Heat Pump? 3 Features That Deserve A Second Look

If you’re upgrading your home heat pump this season, you’ll probably learn quickly that today’s heat pumps have features that increase your comfort while lowering your electric bill. Though these features may increase the cost of the heat pump they pay for themselves in higher efficiency lowering your heating and cooling bills for years to come:

  1. Variable-speed air handlers. An air handler that has a variable-speed motor runs more quietly and efficiupgrading your home's heat pump yuma arizonaently. They employ different technology that cuts their energy use. Variable-speed motors run more slowly and continuously saving energy by decreasing on-and-off cycling. This provides more even cooling and heating in your home and also does a better job of removing humidity. In the winter you’ll never feel a blast of cold air coming from the registers, since the motor starts slowly. It stops slowly as well which helps evacuate all the conditioned air from the ducts helping you get the most from your energy dollars.
  2. Two-stage compressors. This type of compressor uses technology that senses the weather. When temperatures are moderate it runs at the low stage which saves energy during the fall and spring when it’s not as hot and overnight throughout the summer.

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