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Learn How Ductless Mini Splits Work

While most southwest Arizona homes are fitted with central air conditioning when built, many older structures were not designed this way and have to either be retrofitted for central air or utilize individual window- or wall-mounted air conditioning units.  An efficient and economical alternative is the ductless mini split system. And if you’re considering one, it makes sense to learn how ductless mini splits work.

To understand how ductless mini splits work, imagine a conventional heat pump unit sitting outside your home, comprised of the condenser and compressor inside that familiar metal box. Rather than feeding a single indoor air handler, however, which in turn distributes air through a system of ducts, a mini split system doesn’t use ducts. It employs a separate air handler for each room or zone it heats or cools, with each of these air handlers directly connected to the outside compressor/condenser by way of a small-diameter conduit that holds the necessary electrical wires, refrigerant lines and drain tubes.

Retrofitting a mini split system into a structure without existing duct work is generally easier than extending ductwork, or installing ducts throughout a home that doesn’t have it. This is also a good option for providing heating/cooling to new room additions. Installation is simple and straightforward, as is maintenance. Since wall penetrations are typically only about three inches in diameter, this is also safer from a home security standpoint than installation of a window- or wall-mounted air conditioner, which both require large breeches in an exterior wall. Ductless mini splits are also quieter and more energy efficient than conventional air conditioners.

The main benefits of a ductless mini split system, however, come in the form of energy savings. Without ducts, mini splits don’t experience the energy-wasting escape of conditioned air that’s common in central forced-air system. And with multiple air handlers serving the needs of different rooms or zones, you can turn down the cooling or heating in areas that are unoccupied, also saving money on energy.

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