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Is The Electronically Commutated Motor Right For You?

An electronically commutated motor (ECM) represents one of the best remedies for high cooling bills during the unrelenting summer heat in southwest Arizona. Also called variable-speed motors, these motors are brushless and convert AC power to DC power through a built-in transformer, which makes far more efficient use of electricity. Their benefits are significant and include:

  • Low operating costs. An ECM can use less power than a 100-watt light bulb per hour. That means that the blower motor inside the air handler can run for more than 10 hours continuously using just one kilowatt of electricity.
  • Quiet operation. These motors start and stop slowly, which means that the noise that the air handler generates is much lower. Even when the motor is running at full speed, it’s significantly quieter than a conventional blower motor.
  • Longer running time. These motors can run at slower, more continuous speeds than standard air handler motors. This helps distribute the conditioned air throughout your home thoroughly. Rooms that are warmer in the summer or colder in the winter may feel more comfortable because the system delivers conditioned air for a longer period. Because the electronically commutated motor uses so much less electricity than a conventional motor, the longer running time won’t drive up your electric bill.
  • Reduced humidity in the summer. During the monsoon, the motor removes more humidity since the entire system runs longer. You may even be able to raise the temperature in your home when the air indoors is drier.
  • Increased indoor air quality. A longer running time means that the air filter for the air handler cleans the air better, removing more airborne particulates.

Another benefit of an ECM in the air handler is that you can run the air handler constantly to circulate the air inside your home, reducing the need to run fans in each room. Moving air feels cooler than still air, and with an ECM, you won’t suffer the noise that typical motors create. For our short heating season, the continuous operation helps avoid the phenomenon of warm air collecting at the tops of rooms, where nobody can feel it.

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