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Use These Guidelines For Setting A Programmable Thermostat During Winter In Yuma

There’s no doubt that using a programmable thermostat can save you money on your heating bill, but it’s important to use your thermostat correctly in order to fully reap this money-saving benefit. Here are a few tips from the federal Energy Star program to help you get started setting your programmable thermostat.

Keep set-points for long periods: The main benefit of a programmable thermostat is that it allows you to program energy-saving temperatures according to your daily and weekly schedules. Most people program them at energy-savng temperatures while they’re at work or sleeping. However, in order to obtain these savings, it’s best to keep the so-called set-point temperatures for at least eight hours at a time.

Don’t override your settings too often: Overriding your settings will defeat the purpose of programming energy-saving temperatures.

Don’t set extreme temperatures: With the exception of adaptive or intelligent recovery units, thermostats will heat and cool at the same speed no matter what temperature it’s trying to reach. Therefore, if you need a quick boost in heat, don’t crank up your settings  Instead, make minor adjustments to avoid excess energy consumption.

Consider adding a zoning system: If you’ve got a large area to heat and cool, or multiple levels, and you’re only using a single thermostat, a zoning system will allow you to separate your home into different areas with similar heating and cooling characteristics. You can independently control the temperatures in these zones with separate thermostats, and avoid conditioning areas that don’t need heating or cooling.

Change the batteries: Many thermostats will indicate when the batteries are running low, but some do not. If your thermostat doesn’t provide this feature, you should check the batteries regularly and change the batteries no less than once a year.

Avoid both cold nights and overly expensive energy by using these simple tips when setting your programmable thermostat. If you’re still having trouble with your thermostat settings, please contact us at Hansberger Refrigeration and Electric Company. We’ve been a family-owned business for more than 50 years and look forward to serving you, too.

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