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A Variable-Speed Air Handler Offers Savings In Summer And Winter

A variable-speed air handler is one of the most attractive features to look for when upgrading your heating and cooling system. Variable-speed technology delivers benefits across the board for energy savings, quiet and comfortable function, and less wear and tear for a longer lifespan. 

The air handler or blower for a forced-air furnace, A/C or heat pump moves heated or cooled air through the ductwork to the living spaces. Conventional air handlers and furnace blowers only have two speeds: switched on at 100-percent air-blowing capacity or switched off.

On the other hand, a variable-speed air handler adjusts speeds to precisely control the distribution of heated or cooled air based on temperature readings from the thermostat(s). This ability makes them ideal for use with zoning systems and smart thermostats.

Greater efficiency and comfort

If your new heat pump or A/C-furnace combo is equipped with a variable-speed air handler, you don’t need to sacrifice energy efficiency for comfort, or vise versa. In fact, with variable-speed technology, you get the best of both.

Quick-cycling is a common heating and cooling problem for Yuma area homeowners. For instance, on a hot Southwest Arizona summer day, a conventional single-speed air handler quickly cools your home, cycles off, and then your home heats up, which activates the A/C again. On a dry, chilly winter day, the same quick-cycling problem occurs with a conventional air handler. A variable-speed air handler maintains a slower and longer cycle for greater efficiency and comfort.

Enhanced indoor air quality

A variable-speed air handler circulates indoor air through the air filter, or whole-house purification system, many more times than conventional air handlers. This means fewer airborne allergens, micro-organisms, mold spores, pollutants and odors inside your home — a boon for household members who suffer from respiratory ailments and/or allergies.

For supreme comfort, energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, variable-speed air handlers are must-have components for your heating and cooling system.

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