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Experiencing Furnace Problems? You Need Expert Help

If your furnace is acting funny or just not working at all, many things could be causing the problem. Often the furnace problems are simple and can be solved with a minor fix. Remember that regularly scheduled maintenance will help prevent heating system breakdowns and promote energy efficiency.

Here some common signs (and reasons) that your furnace is not working properly:

Furnace: gas burner cycling on and off
• The burner is pumping heat energy to the furnace faster than the blower can disperse it.
• Your furnace control settings are improperly set.
• A dirty or blocked air filter is restricting or obstructing airflow over the heat exchanger.

Little to no register airflow
• The blower may have an inadequate return air supply.
• The blower has a loose fan belt or is dirty or defective.
• The ducting system is disconnected, blocked or has collapsed.
• Dirt may be blocking the cooling coil
• Dirty or damaged air filters.

No airflow though the furnace is running
• A blocked or disconnected duct system.
• Failure of the blower fan motor or fan itself.
• The furnace is not operating at all.

Here are three basic troubleshooting tips to try before calling in the professionals:

  1. Check the power switches – If your furnace does not operate at all, the solution may be as simple as resetting the circuit breaker and/or turning the electrical service switch on.
  2. Check pilot light – Many older gas furnaces have standing pilots that must be lit with a match or lighter. If the pilot does not light, you may need to replace the thermocouple.
  3. Check the thermostat – Your thermostat switch should be set to the heat position. If the fan does not turn on and you receive no heat when the temperature setting is adjusted, the thermostat may be broken.

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