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Home Safety Factors Every Yuma Homeowner Should Understand

The three basic elements of safety include protecting against chemical, electrical and fire hazards. Dry and warm springs and hot summers increase the hazards of fires from landscaping materials or chemicals you store. Electrical hazards are a year-round concern.

Use this home safety checklist to keep your home and family safer:Home Safety Factors Every Yuma Homeowner Should Understand

Chemical hazards. Storing chemicals in your garage or an outdoor shed can be a combustion hazard when the weather warms. The hot sun beating on the roof and walls of structures that aren’t insulated raises temperatures, which could cause aerosol cans to burst. If you must store spray cans in the garage, place them in a sturdy container with a tightly fitting lid.

If you store pool chemicals in the garage, be sure that the lid to the chlorine tablets fits tightly. These tablets off-gas easily, and breathing the fumes may damage your respiratory tract. It’s possible for the chlorine gas to drift into your home if you have an attached garage. Consider an exhaust fan for the garage if you store a lot of chemicals or vehicles inside it.

Electrical hazards. Electrical problems know no season. Do not overload the outlets, especially with higher-voltage devices. Never run wires under carpets or rugs and keep anything electrical away from water.

Fire hazards. Have your chimney professionally cleaned annually if you use a fireplace. Make sure your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors work properly year-round. Test the batteries for the CO detector monthly and the smoke detector quarterly.

If you use a gas furnace, have it professionally serviced annually. The process involves cleaning the parts, inspecting the flue and verifying that the gas connections are tight. Don’t block airflow around the air handler, since it requires sufficient ventilation for safe operation.

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